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Dear Families

The outbreak of conornavirus can be overwhelming and cause strong anxiety and emotions in adults and children. Like adults, not all children and teens respond to stress in the same way. There are different things adults can do to support children during stressful times. Some activities can include:

Don’t just tell them to not worry. Take time to talk with your child about the outbreak, answering questions, sharing facts about COVID-19.

Have children write or draw about their worries. Let this be a jumpstart to your talks with your child. 

Have daily conversations with your child about their emotions. You can have a nightly family conference. 

Limit your family’s exposure to news coverage of the event. Children may not understand what they are hearing and can be even more frightened because they do not understand.

Try to keep regular routines. Create a schedule that includes learning activities as well as fun activities.

Please remember you can contact Ronda Adkins, school counselor at 304 478 8663 for additional support.

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In partnership with parents, community members, all other school employees, the Tucker County Board of Education and our students, Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School will provide an education that has value and meaning, where all students will learn and achievement is stressed and rewarded. All students will develop skills that will enable them to make responsible choices and become productive members of our society. 


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